Acura Detroit Auto Show 2013

  • Inspired by modern DWELL home architecture, the 2013 Acura Detroit Autoshow display was designed as a modern luxury lifestyle statement of the Acura brand.
  • Concept Renderings of the 2013 Acura Detroit Auto Show space
  • A louvered parapet architectural solution was employed to clear the floor of obstructing architecture, yet still deliver a sense of volumetric mass and environment.
  • A prominent feature of the Acura Detroit exhibit is "jewel box" style corner display on the high traffic corner that houses and showcases Acura's crown jewel, the NSX supercar concept.
  • A photograhers style fisher lightbox embedded in the ceiling of the jewel box creates a perfect lighting effect across the NSX helping to accentuate the sharp bodylines of the supercar.
  • Secondary galleries within the space create a sense of journey and discovery of other key Acura vehicles
  • The Acura MDX concept is prominently staged in the middle of the exhibit with a large LED screen to help tell the Acura Brand / Product Story.
  • At first glance you wouldn't know it, but the entire louvered parapet system is made out of board printed faux wood aluminum sheets.  The lightweight structure helps with ceiling load limitations and is eco friendly as no trees were killed to create this element and the aluminum is recyclable.
  • Early Exploration Concept Rendering that investigated the Big Idea of a "Jewel Box" display for the NSX
  • Other Early Creative Explorations looking into Jewel Box like elements
  • The challenge was to try to expand and enhance the display with existing exhibition architecture
  • Existing Acura Detroit Auto Show Display from previous year 2012
  • Creative Director: Geoffrey Mye 
    Associate Createive Director: Art Cole
    Senior Graphics Designer: Bomie Lee
  • Photography by