• Packaging concept for fictional sake brand Ronin 48. 
    "After the death or fall of his master, a samurai is considered a ronin, a "masterless" samurai, often seen as an outcast by society. During the Meiji era of Japan, forty-seven ronin sought revenge for their master, and the story has since became an emblem of loyalty, sacrifice, persistence, and honor. Yet most people have not heard of the last unknown ronin who contributed much to the great vengeance. Legend has it that the mysterious forty-eighth ronin was a ghost of the samurais' past master that came back to assist them, helping regain the status for these honorable swordsmen. 
    Using only the finest rice kernel, fresh melon and papaya flavors with just a touch of toasted nuts, this sake is smooth, sleek, deep, and delicious. Earthly, elegant, and rich, Ronin 48 Sake is a masterful , reminding its drinkers to live a life full of loyalty, sacrifice, persistence and honor."
  • T H A N K S  F O R  V I E W I N G !