GPB // Georgia Studies Digital Textbook

  • The Georgia Studies Digital Textbook was a huge undertaking for GPB’s small web and education department of seven, but everyone broadened their skills and took on numerous responsibilities to meet the release date. My tasks on this project included:

    – Importing and editing text in Adobe Indesign
    – Curating images and licenses to replace outdated content. Making touch-ups to existing images via Photoshop.  
    – Re-editing GPB original programming into short clips that reinforce topics throughout the book.
    – Traveling to various locations in Georgia to capture 360˚ virtual tours, interviews, photographs, and b-roll to update the original content in the book, as well as, packaged into stand-alone Virtual Tour apps.
    – Directing, producing and editing promotional videos that highlight the interactive features of the book.

    * These videos were used specifically for marketing and fundraising.

    Download the book:
    Georgia is rich in historical sites of local and national significance. Our goal is to use this evolving technology to put that content into the palms of every student. Students will be able to switch between screens to view maps, photo slide shows, 360-degree tours, and interviews with historians from sites across the state.  
    The Grade Book feature will give teachers the ability to instantly see students’ progress during quizzes. The teacher will have a graphical representation of how many students are actively taking the quiz, which students have questions or may be stuck on a problem, and how many have completed the quiz. It will also automatically score each quiz and provide grade percentages in real-time. The teacher can either save results to their digital grade book and/or print reports.
    The digital storytelling feature will allow students to play the role of journalist and tell their own compelling stories in the classroom. Students are encouraged to create multimedia presentations that share their own diverse experiences, as well as living history stories, told first hand by close family members.  

    This video shows an eighth-grade student interviewing his grandmother about what her life was like when she was his age. She reveals facts about her life that astound the student and his mother, who records the interview. The student then engages the entire class in his presentation.