The Dark Light Series

    I tried to hide from Him to go my own way, but He never leaves;
    His Spirit is within me.
    I feel reverence for Him as I stand in His presence.
    I get strength from Him to move forward.
  • REST
    When I'm not running away from God and have decided to submit (surrender) to His will,
    I am calm, confident, even if things around me are falling apart.
    I have never seen Jesus' face; I only imagine if I did,
    all I would see is intense light.
    Sometimes I cry out to God, pleading, feeling like I'm not heard
    ...and He listens to every word.
  • HERE
    When my pain is exhausted, I come to realize God has been working in and through my life,
    though He felt so far away. He is still here.
    I am revived when I remember and hold on to the fact
    that Jesus will never leave me.
    When I am not worried, stressed about the obstacles I face, I can listen clearly to
    the Holy Spirit's voice guiding me on where to go next.
  • ALONE?
    Doubt returns when I don't feel Him near me.
    Is He still there? Always.
  • AM.
    I am a child of God.
    I am free to be me.
  • LOVED.
    I am surrounded by God's love. The greatest assurance of His existence is
    the Holy Spirit living within me.