• In this project, we were instructed to start a design process from an inspiration.  The goal of this project was to take properties from an inspiration, and convert them into abstract art, without re-creating the inspiration. 
    My inspiration was lightning and I chose this because I liked all the warm and intense colors.  I knew that the contrast between the tints and shades of the lightning would create a great piece.  I knew that I was going to use wood skewers and break them to make this structure because lightning is very destructive in nature.  I started with 2 sets of symmetrical layered patterns using these broken skewers and layed them across eachother to create a void and also to create directional flow of lines, which was learned in previous projects.
    There are focal points for each perspective as you can see in the photos.  I used black foam board along with red paint because red and black go well together, suppressing the object to a smaller, centered space, to give attention to the art piece.  I also used the spray paint for focal points and for direction/gradients.  Gradation occured at each of the focal points.