Driving engagement through gamification


    Like eating vegetables and exercising, ridesharing offers many benefits to people, but is not very popular. That is why the Florida Department of Transportation encountered low traffic at trade shows. This created a need for them to improve their appearance while also increasing the number of sign-ups for their rideshare program.

    After discovering many potential registrees had misconceptions about ridesharing, the solution was to create an educational simulation of the experience. After all, how can you dislike broccoli if you have never tried it? Thus, Commuter Land was born.


    To raise interest in FDOT's rideshare program, the goal was to keep visitors at the booth space for as long as possible by creating a low-pressure environment where passerby would feel comfortable engaging in deeper conversations with employees. How is this achieved? By creating a fun, interactive extension of FDOT’s rideshare program.

    The life-size game board covered many of the pain points Florida commuters experience while identifying the motivators to make a change in commuting behavior.


    In order to have a much needed conversation about ridesharing beyond the trade show space, intersections known for gridlock traffic were taken advantage of.human billboards communicating the benefits of ridesharing were displayed to captive audiences across Florida.


    To keep commuters excited about ridesharing, an app was offered. The app helps commuters find rideshare companions, track savings (e.g., car emissions prevented and money saved), get points for trips, redeem points for rewards, and play a digital version of the board game.

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