Fawkes Shaving Co.

  • A series of conceptual packaging for a fictitious men's grooming company, developed in a package design course. Series includes 4 labeled items and 4 boxed items. Thank you for your time.
    The concept of Fawkes Shaving Co. is based on the historical character from 1580 who was involved in the failed attempt to blow up The Houses of Parliament, in the “Gunpowder Plot”. This character has become stylized in the cinematic production “V for Vendetta”, and more recently gained infamy as a global sign for revolutionary thinking, and drastic change. Fawkes and his image are well known now in the world, but one of his lesser known traits was his true dedication to his own facial hair and its perfect upkeep. 

    Besides his deeds as a revolutionary he also developed England’s first formal shaving kit, his key to his facial hair success. This kit was recovered in his home after his capture, by his fellow conspirators that had escaped they kept this box secret inside their organization for hundreds of years, these people involved were some of the first formal barbers in England and due to their equipment success their careers reached great heights and they elevated extensive and well-manicured facial hair to the upper echelon of high-fashion and sophistication. However the products these men used was only given to the secret members, and their effects were only known to a few.

    The organization now has seen the complete deterioration of basic men’s grooming and the loss of the art of shaving. So they decided to release these rare products to the public, these items cater specifically to men with facial hair care needs and who need reliable, time-tested products and tools to help keep up with their style. According to Fawkes Shaving Co. the main reason in the decline of men’s facial hair experimentation, is due to the fact that most men have a tough time keeping the hair in shape and when looking for products there are no lines that cater to just these eccentric individuals. 

    The product line has an old world luxury aesthetic, the fabrics from that era have been worn and deteriorated as the items have been passed down for generations, so the package feels like it has been re-purposed for its current use from older materials. This also helps the package to be more discrete and have a subtle subdued masculine nature.