Sometimes throughout our lives we are put into situations that take over our mind, body & soul. In ways that we cannot control. In this series I did just that. Sometimes its more comfortable for us to be ourselves, when we have a mask to really portray these emotions. We sometimes feel more comfortable with the mask so people we care about most don't see who we really are. What does this mean when we are so ashamed to express who we really are, does this make us cowardly? Are we cowards because we don't express how we say or feel? Or does that make us scared, or maybe we are just human. Being human is a very complex and difficult aspect of being who we are. What separates us from animals in the wild? Consciousness is the separating factor between us & them. Is it to the point of where we get to our human extinction that we really express ourselves as people or as objects. Sometimes I just want to scream and let out every emotion that I possibly can. Sometimes I feel trapped within myself that I just want to escape who I really am and I just  constantly want to wear a mask. Why do i wear this mask? Why does anyone wear a mask. Why do people rip every aspect of themselves apart? I just don't understand and I don't want to understand what it means to be human. With all of our emotions eating us up inside. I just want to be a ghost who can't be seen, but just heard.

    Written and Photographed by: Mariah Chaney ©
    Kelsi Hines
    Tremayne S. Royal
    Aaron Adkinson
    Makeup Artists:
    Dinessa Bell
    Christina Rivera