FND135 Image Manipulation

  • The task is to create a dream meal using the selection technique we learned in class. My meal purely compress of fattening  foods which is bad for anyone's health.  I would like to eat these foods one day and not get sick. I chose a bacon burger because I like bacon and burger, extra bacon for the . I also like steak so I put it there. A pizza just for the looks, I'm not gonna eat it; I'm sick of pizza. For dessert, I'm having a slice of a fabulous cheesecake. And a diet coke, I don't wanna get fat.
  • Retouching photo of a celebrity using techniques learned in class.

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  • Midterm project. The task was to chose a building and manipulate it so that it conveys the chosen emotion. My chosen emotion was "helpessness."
  • I had to create a logo for an imaginary company that I came up with. Its was a game company and this is the logo.