• Down are work that I have done in my class Digital Color Theory.
  • 24-stepcolorwheel
  • 24-stepcolorwheel2  Using CMYK colors developed by Hevert Ives.
  • Tattoo ideas using different color scheme.
  • Redesigning of the poster for 'How to Train your Dragon 2'  using poitillism 
  • The task was to listen to music and draw/paint something of the emotion that the music gives you.
  • Algorithmic Art created in Adobe Photoshop using this self made rule set.
    Rule set:
    1. Create a base shape with four different colors.
    2. Every time the color overlaps, new color is created.
    3. The movement of each color must create a shape of a number.
    4. Shapes with the same base color must be at least one inch away from each other in terms of horizontal and vertical distance(does not apply on diagonal distances).
    5. The shape of the same base color can not overlap each other. But they may overlap only if the have different base color.