ID3330 Digital Camera and Lighting

    Semi-Permanent Mobile Clinic
    Repurposed Shipping Container Design
    This project involved revisiting a repurposed shipping container design intended to aid in UNICEF humanitarian efforts in response to a nutrition crisis and cholera outbreak in the Sahel Region of Niger. The initial 2012 design concept converted recycled shipping containers into a mobile and/or semi-permanent clinic and therapeutic center. By combining previous 2D programming and development processes and 3D visualization software, the project has been elevated into a more comprehensive and professional package.
  • 1.  North Facing Exterior View of Clinic and Nutrition Center (Modeled in Revit and Edited in Photoshop)
  • 2.  South Building Facing Northwest (Modeled in Revit and Edited in Photoshop)
  • 3.  Southwest Facing Exterior View of Administrative Office and Emergency Shelter (Modeled in Revit)
  • 4.  West Facing Exterior View from Between Buildings (Modeled in Revit)
  • 5.  Interior View of Clinic and Waiting Area (Modeled in Revit)
  • 6.  Interior View of Exam Room No. 1 (Modeled in Revit)
  • 7.  View into Exam Room No. 2 (Modeled in Revit)
  • 8.  Exterior Walkthrough (Revit Video Visualization)
  • 9.  Interior Walkthrough of Clinic Exam Room (Revit Video Visualization)
  • 10.  Exploded View of Shipping Container (Modeled in AutoCAD)