Sketchbook Series #3

  • A quick sketch I did when practicing for my steamboat illustration. Check out the final piece here.
  • Some bird sketches I did when I was planning my kid's book illustration.
  • Anyone read these Little Critter books as a kid? Supposedly they are some kind of hamster or guinea pig...?
  • I'm thinking of taking my drawing of the word "simple"
    and doing something further with it in Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • This drawing is from quite a while ago. This is a British girl band named Little Mix. They were wearing these unusual leotard outfits, so I thought I would draw it. More of a finished drawing, but I think it fits just fine in the sketchbook series.
  • Below is an Illustration that was used in a recent mixed media project I did. The one on the left is my original pencil drawing and the one on the right is after it was scanned and duplicated.
  • Another illustration from my mixed media project. I really like the old vintage fashion style.
  • Some random unused food sketches.
  • Fashion