ZenType [E-Book]

  • I wrote and designed this E-book that focuses on typographic elements. The overall concept is to inform the reader on how one can apply Zen principles to typography in order to find balance and beauty in every layout.
  • "ZenType" Cover
  • Introduction Page. 
  • Interactive Table of Contents Page. 
  • Chapter Page. 
  • "Kerning", I used my background image of the bamboo fence to emphasis the separation between each letter in the word "Quality". The Zen wisdom in the cicle on the top left corner addresses the austerity found in kerning. 
  • "Tracking", I used the background image of the sand to further explain the problems with over-tracking. Rivers is something that you want to avoid when word spacing it relates to the zen wisdom "Natrualness" in the sense that tracking adequetly will make your design look balanced. 
  • "Leading", My goal with the background image was to explain and find the similarities between line spacing and rock stacking, and also demonstrate the difference in width of each paragraph. "Breakthrough" is the zen wisdom that addresses leading in the sense that breaking the conventions of line spacing can result as resouceful in your design. 
  • Colophon.