GWDA305 - Art Direction - Summer 2013

  • Campaign Logo
    Keeping with the original TOMS logo and modifying it slightly to incorporate their new ventures.
    Designed by Amanda Bollinger
  • Word Vision Board
    A place to start brainstorming the message, copy, tagline, and overall goals of the campaign.
    Designed by: Cortney Wood
    Contributors: Amanda Bollinger, Jean Benedicto
  • Style Board
    The beginning brainstorm of the overall look & feel we would like to achieve throughout the campaign.
    Designer: Jean Benedicto
    Contributors: Amanda Bollinger, Cortney Wood
  • Purchase Card Front
  • Purchase Card Back
    A card to be placed into the purchased sunglass case.  This would inform the buyer on where their money is going and who it is benefitting. 
    Designer: Cortney Wood
    Contributor: Amanda Bollinger
  • TOMS Truck Design
    This concept design would be placed in and around a mobile truck that would drive around the SoCal area.  It would bring awareness to TOMS sunglass line as well as their One-for-One initiative.
    Designer: Cortney Wood
  • TOMS Truck Product
    This is a mockup of what the TOMS sunglasses truck would look like cruisin' around SoCal.
    Photo Manipulation: Amanda Bollinger
  • Nepal Magazine Advertisement
    This is a print ad for a magazine that would have a pinwheel showing through the sunglasses.  The pinwheel is an infographic that explains what TOMS does to help people who need glasses, to see eye doctors, surgery, etc.  The QR code links to a video specifically showing Nepal and the work they are doing there.  The background colors are those of their flag, but in the stripe pattern TOMS is known for.
    Designer: Amanda Bollinger