UNSUNG UNIFORMS /// Sustainable Laundry Kit

    strength & comfort from the homefront
    Unsung Uniforms is a high-end sustainable laundry line. This project used recycled unbleached paper, simple products and reusable packaging. The inspiration for this product line came from the women who worked tirelessly in order to keep countries stable during the First World War. The concept statement “strength & comfort from the home front”, reflected the spirit of the largely unknown women who worked in locations such as fields, factories and farms. Unique medals of honour made from coloured ribbon and buttons were created to recognize the work done by these brave women.

    The thematic treatment was a take on old military uniforms, medals of honour, badges and ration cards. The typography used a mix of a serif typeface along with a hand rendered script to once again reinforce the concept of strength and comfort. The packaging consisted of 4 pockets, meant to emulate military uniforms, and 4 glass jars. Each product highlighted a job fulfilled by these women. For example a jar of stain remover was represented by the job of an emergency driver. The outer container was meant to resemble the messenger bags that were used during the war.