Road Kill (Dont Text and Drive)

  • As the viewer walks minding their own business, they would be stopped by the massive photo of a smart phone, entrigued by the game and question what it could possible be. The viewer would then read or not read, depending on the circumstance, the text then go straight to playing the game. The code will then transfer the game onto their own phone and they can play.
  • As you scan for the game and start to play, a black screen will appear along with a line. ( "By the time you had started the game, you have already killed a child" ) The screen then cuts to the commercial for the PSA.
  • The story board concept is about a driver who does not pay attention to the road and for the amount of time it takes for him to read a text is about the same distance of a football field. Driving the distance of a football field is more than enough time to run a child over in a school zone.
  • The viewer would be looking at the LCD billboard and scan the code. As they begin to press the button on their smart phone, a hidden camera will take a live feed of the viewer and take a previously recorded vehicle in the same screen making it seem as though they are about to be hit by a negligent driver. The amount of fear the viewer will experience will make a person think twice before texting while driving.