Don Clemente Lotería

  • Loteria Card Game
    Product and Packaging Redesign
    Lotería, informally known as “Mexican Bingo” consists of 54 random images, From El Gallo (the rooster) to La Rana (the frog). The game begins with a caller drawing a card, the caller then gives a riddle matched with the specific image on the card. The player must then decipher the riddle, and mark an image on their game board that matches the riddle. Typically, the player fills their game board with beans or coins.
    This project of mine, is an adaptation of the game, but with a more modern theme. I created 32 images instead of the original 54. I had this idea in mind when I wanted to create a more unique product for the art-appreciating people of San Antonio. When I considered selling these at First Friday, I then packaged everything in a Lotería kit, which included 8 different game boards (16 images each), the deck of 32 cards (not including the concienero), and golden beans to mark the images.